In-Home Activities

Our clients love baking and making things in the Adult Day Care Home! On Wednesdays and Thursdays we do various craft and baking projects centered around their interests!


Whether it's relaxing with a spa day (complete with manicures and pedicures!), visiting the senior center, celebrating birthdays, or enjoying coffee, our clients love getting out and about!


Since Katie Marie's is a home, our clients make themselves comfortable. They often like reminiscing about the "good old days" or just enjoying each others company while reading the newspaper or watching TV.

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Too often we Underestimate the Power of a Touch A Smile, A Kind Word, A Listening Ear, an
Honest Accomplishment, or the Smallest Act of Caring. All of which have the Potential to Turn a Life Around

The Adult Daycare Home Association was founded when the City, State and County came together with Katie's Adult Daycare and put together the guidelines for the association.



The Adult Daycare Home Association provides accountability for homes caring for adults with special needs.  Providing a personalized unique home setting, meeting and exceeding the family standards of home care.  Homes are Fire Department inspected, meet the Municipal Code Standards for Adult Daycare Homes.  Workers are CPR certified, trained in first aid, TB tested, receive a criminal background check, maintain food handler permits and are drug tested.  Members of the Adult Daycare Association comply with all written standards reassuring families that their loved ones will be well cared for in a loving family environment.

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Let's Meet!

Call today to schedule your free assessment and tour of my home. I can't wait to meet your loved one- I'm sure I will love them too!