How We Started

In 1996, John, my husband, age 55, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and that is where my journey began.  At age 46, I never dreamed of becoming his caregiver.  Dreams of spending our golden years together were radically changed to my becoming his caregiver with his life’s expectancy being only 8 years.  His doctor explained that John did not know how to draw a clock and his time was broken now forever.  My emotions were hitting me in every direction.

I looked up and said, “Lord, I don’t know how I'm going to do this. “  Gently, the Lord spoke to me and said “I'll bring you through all of this.”  I stepped out in faith, living just one day at time with John.  In the days ahead, John was “unlearning” everything he knew in life.  He could no longer tie his shoes but he knew where the soda pop was kept.  He couldn’t button his shirt but knew where we kept the candy!  As the disease progressed, John became the disease instead of my husband.  I made up my mind to change it around, he was my husband first, then someone with a disease.  It is so easy to forget that those in this condition are real people with real feelings.   I watched every second of his and my life, savoring each moment of our remaining  time together.

About Katie Marie

Society wanted me to place John in an Institution as they were “worried” I would burn out as his caregiver.  That is when Katie’s Adult Day Care Home began in 1997, realizing I needed to work to provide for John at home.  My old-fashioned nurses’ aide skills served me well as I began to care for people with disabilities.  Now, I and other family members, would have time off as needed, not as dictated by an institution.  Three years into John’s journey, the doctor said he had three years remaining to live, John looked at me and said, “Did the doctor just say I'm going to die?”  I decided in that moment, I was going to embrace whatever time remained, to take care of him, embracing him, rather than being angry at our situation.

John passed April 19, 2007 and I was the one holding his hand when Jesus took his breath.  This was my place to be not someone else’s.   God called me to provide a place where families can have hope and get the break they need on a schedule that would work for them.

About Our Staff

We have a few caregivers which help out during the day. We like to think of our staff as an extension of the family. Many of them came into this field by taking care of a loved one. They enjoy taking care of our clients, reveling in the moments of happiness and being there for them when they need some redirection or a listening ear. Each of our staff members are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and have CPR and first aid training, and have passed a criminal background check. They have had all of the required credentials and keep up to date on their Continuing Education.

Let's Meet!

Call today to schedule your free assessment and tour of my home. I can't wait to meet your loved one- I'm sure I will love them too!